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Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia affects 1 in 76,000 children with most not surviving their 5th birthday. We’re supporting our NKH Researchers to improve those odds.

It costs £200k to run a lab for a year and we are SO CLOSE to a clinical trial with an effective treatment for NKH.

Trade in your coffee for a £3 donation towards research for NKH!

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Every donation we make has a profound, profound effect on what the researchers can do. As an example, Joesph’s Goal funded £40k to Dr Nick Greene, who was able to bring his research forward by 18 months. That’s 18 months closer to a cure than we were!

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About Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia

Also known as Glycine Encephalopathy, NKH is a rare and terminal genetic metabolic disorder. It prevents the processing of the neurotransmitter glycine, which causes seizures, low tone, severe neurological damage, developmental delays, learning disabilities, feeding disabilities and a vulnerable immune system. It’s also terminal.

It’s thought that the incidence of a child having NKH is 1/60,000 – it’s the second most common disorder of amino acid metabolism. Unfortunately, most babies with NKH don’t survive the first six weeks after birth. Those that do (approximately 20% of children with NKH) are not expected to survive past their fifth birthday.

There is no cure, and unfortunately treatment is not effective long term. NKH is considered terminal, and the suffering increases as the disease progresses.

More about NKH

About NKH Research

There are four NKH researchers worldwide. There are looking at various treatments, but the two leading methods are:

  • Gene replacement therapy
  • Chaperone therapy

Gene replacement therapy is the most effective therapy for the most number of NKH children. Gene replacement therapy is currently being researched by Prof. Nick Greene and his team at UCL in London, UK.  He has an active mouse model and is in the process of proving that gene replacement therapy is an effective therapy for NKH in mice.

It costs upwards of £300,000 a year to run the NKH lab with two post-grad researchers. It’s estimated that if all goes well, a clinical trial might be possible within 5 years.

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Other NKH Charities

The campaign funds currently go to Joseph’s Goal because like Elly, Emma (Joe’s Mum) met with both Dr. Van Hove, Dr Halder and Prof. Nick Greene and have sat in their funding presentations. The Joseph’s Goal board will make informed decisions about where our funds can be most effective, and we trust them to do so.

However, if you would like to donate elsewhere, there are other NKH charities you can support: